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Mondo Commerce d.o.o

Mondo Commerce d.o.o is a company for manufacture and sales, founded in the year 1997. Up until the year 2003, the company focused on wholesales – primarily in the food industry. In the beginning of the year 2003, to meet the needs of the market, we invested in the procurement of equipment, specializing in the manufacture and sales of PA/PE laminates and vacuum pouches, as well as the production and sales of self adhesive labels. With the continuing investment in equipment and human resources, we evolved to be one of the leading manufacturers for packaging in the food and non-food industry. In the year 2012, we successfully implemented the international standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). With a tendency for constant growth, and the broadening of the current capacities, we successfully manage the requests of the market.
Our customers' satisfaction is the best indicator for our business.

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