Mondo Commerce
Blažujski Drum br.2, 71210 Ilidža
Label sheets offers optimal printability and are suitable for large laser printers, desktop laser printers, copiers and a great number of inkjet printers. Used for declarations and product description, barcode printing, in manufacturing, trade and logistics. Trough our personal manufacture we are allowed a very precise and clean production, and the freedom to decide on dimensions and quantities depending on our customers needs. To keep the products safe we package them in bags or carton boxes. We offer:
  • All standard dimensions of A4 labels
  • Possibility for custom dimensions according to your specific needs
  • Paper in mat and gloss
  • Colored paper
  • PE laser print film in A4 format, extremely durable in different conditions
OPAK LASER  Optimal printability with most laser and inkjet printers Non-transparent material is specially designed for covering over text or signs on the surface. Used for registrators, CD- labels and barcode declarations. PE LASER  Allows for print with all conventional printing techniques. Very durable material, resistant to chemicals, weather conditions and high/low temperatures.
  • resistant to tearing
  • excellent results both with monochrome and colour laser printing
  • adhesion to uneven surfaces
  • excellent tack on most surfaces, including metal and plastics
  • available in white and silver color, mat and gloss
Dimensions available according to your needs. Usage for labelling pallets, containers or barrels, electronic and computer components, in the chemical industry.  
Label material – 100% PEFC certificate The quality of the materials guarantees environmental protection. The material is made according to the standards of sustainable forest management and with an emphasis on the sustainability of the production process.